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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #821

>A few months ago I tried to order some Duplarit G from Pet Warehouse and
>they told me they were out. So with the help of this digest I got ahold of
>some from DaleCo. Anyway, I just got a "bill" (for 0 dollars :P) from Pet
>Warehouse. On it it says Duplarit G was "Discontinued by Manufacturer".
>Just thought I'd add a little fuel to the duplarit shortage scare of 99. :P

I'm glad that I bought an extra 1000 grams of dupla laterite a couple on 
months ago.  However, if there is no more dupla laterite, are there any 
other brands which are acceptable alternatives?  Aquarium pharmaceudicals 
just put out a new plant line that looks better then it's old plant pills 
or whatever they were called, the new line includes root tabs, a trace 
element mix, and LATERITE.  I believe that substrate gold is also 

Adam Weingarten
Javablue at concentric_net