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What to do with A-B solenoid...

As I understand the problem, you have metric threads on one object, and
English threads on another.  Generally speaking, you will probably not find a
ready made off-the-shelf adapter to attach the two objects.

So - - - - - Do you know a Home Shop Machinist in your geographical area? A
good place to look is any Live Steam or Model Railroad club.

Such adapters are a "piece of cake" to machine, but it is all hand work, and
you can't afford to pay the going price for a custom piece of machine work -
but a Home Shop Machinist is doing it for fun in the first place, and may just
do it for you, just for the fun of accomplishing the feat. And, who knows -
you might convince him or her to get into the Aquatic Plants Hobby!

BTW, I am located in Central Iowa, between Ames and Des Moines, and if you are
really close to me - let me know. Sounds like a fun project.