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My Apogenoton is blooming, how do I get seeds?

My Apogenoton (sp?) is blooming. The flower is on the end of a long
green/olive stalk about30" long and terminates in a white stalk/end about
another 5", right out of the water.  On this white part, are miniature
white flower/buds with what looks like the beginnings of  a small seed? (
small brownish buds).

How do I reproduce this plant? I got it as a tuber with some small leaves
and it has grown quite quickly in the past 6 weeks that I've had it.
I would like it to give off seeds/tubers so that it could spread in the
tank, but I'm unsure of what to do. Do I have to pollinate (with a sable
brush) the flowers? Will seeds drop into the tank and grow on their own?
I would imagine that now that it is flowering, the plant will soon die or
go into remission to "rest-up" for the next cycle?

Any help/advice on how to propagate this plant would be most appreciated as
all I've been able to find is that they propagate by tubers! (where do
those tubers come from?)


I'm not sure of the type of apo but it has long (about 15") leaves, about
1.25 inches wide max. and the edges are slightly ruffled. The colour is
rich green but some of the leaves have become olive coloured and somewhat
more translucent.

The plant is in a heavily planted 75 gal community tank with approx 2.1
watts/gallon (12 hours/day) of chroma-50's, DIY CO2 injection into the
fluval intake, PMDD fertilizer. Substrate is small aquarium gravel (about
2mm), silica sand, vermiculite, peat and dirt. pH is about 7.4, 24 degree
Celsius water temp and I have no measuring capacity for other water factors
(hardness, ammonia, nitrates and nitrites).
Bio load is about 0.7 inches of fish per gallon, all healthy and filtration
is a medium sized fluval, spray bar sub-merged to reduce co2 loss.