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RE: Dupla (again.....)

Holly Wagner can't understand why we are worried over Dupla availability:

>I have to admit being mystified over the trouble Roxanne and others are
>finding Dupla products in the United States.  In every Pet Warehouse
catalog I
>receive there are Dupla balls, laterite, drops, CO2 systems, undergravel
>heating cables, and a few more products.  Their website is petwhse.com.

Dughh, let's see how this can be explained in a simple enough manner...

Dupla is a German company, J.P. Burleson was for years their SOLE
distributor/importer into the United States market. All other companies
selling Dupla products obtained them from Burleson. As of now, Burleson is
no longer the importer/distributor of Dupla products, and there is no known
new company which has been selected to act in his place. All other companies
selling Dupla products in the United States are doing so from their own
inventoried stock. Being as expensive as most Dupla equipment is, I really
doubt that any of them have great quanities sitting in their warehouses.
When it's gone, it's gone.

Catalogues are printed MONTHS in advance. Pet Warehouse probably had no idea
that this situation would develop when they last sent their catalogues to
the printer. If you check their web site, and attempt to actually order some
products which they know are out of stock, their computer system will not
accept the order.  If it does, when your order arrives the discontinued and
out of stock Dupla equipment will not be there (I ought to know, it happened
to me last week).

It isn't really that difficult to understand, I can't see why anyone would
be mystified.

James Purchase