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plexiglass in tank?

I want to construct a rectangle in my  tank made of plexiglass in which I
can place soil while having the rest of the tank filled only with gravel.
 I would like the area in front of the tank to have soil for grass-like
plants but I am planning to have rocks and driftwood in the back and I
don't want any soil back there.  What type of bonding agent would I use
to hold 4 pieces of plexiglass that are about 1 inch in height  together
with to make the shape of a rectangle.  This will be placed in the front
of the tank and filled with soil.  Then I will add gravel over this and
throughout the rest of the tank.  This way I have soil only where I want
it.  Would it be possible to add a plexiglass base to this structure so
that the whole thing soil and all could be removed eventually?  Has
anyone ever tried this.  I like this better than having lots of small
pots filled with soil.


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