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Re: Adjustment of Nupro Valves

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Dixon, Steven T. (Exchange) wrote:

> I remember having the same problem a couple of years ago when I first
> set up my Nupro valve.
> To solve the problem loosen this set screw with a small hex wrench and
> raise the twist knob a little bit higher on the valve stem to allow for
> shut off of gas.

Bingo! This jives with what I experienced.  And it's funny because I had
the same initial reaction as well: "Hey, this valve sucks!  Where's that
legendary fine control that George guy touted?"  I turned the pressure
down to 5 PSI for weeks until I figured out the set screw trick.

(Sorry I'm not paying as much attention to the APD messages lately; was
out on business last week, came home to 200 messages, etc etc).

  - Erik

Erik Olson
erik at thekrib dot com