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Hygrophila difformis

A couple of questions for Karen:

How do you keep H.difformis form start growing bigger once it have root on the gravel. Wouldn't they start growing new plants from the nodes?

Also how can H.difformis be prunned to mantain a medium size because they keep growing and sending bigger and bigger stems.


in Lima, Peru

>Karen wrote, in part:
> I _can_
>speak to the subhect of H. difformis as a ground cover, however.  It's
>as pie.  Just mow it down.  It gets bushier and bushier.

Mike wrote:
> Karen, are you refering to Hygrophila difformis? I've got 
> this stuff growing six inches over the top of my tank.
> Someone came into my shop and asked if I was growing carrots
> in that tank? I never considered mowing it but I will now!

>Karen again:
>Yep.  That's the one.  Don't start with your tall stuff though, if you want
>to grow it as a ground cover.  Take a few stems and lay them on the gravel
>surface.  You can use a few stones to pin them down to start with.  They
>will soon root themselves, and send out new shoots from each node.