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What to do with A-B solenoid...

So I have this AB solenoid and a Victor HRF 1425-580 regulator with
integrated needle valve.  I was going to remove the needle valve, stick the
solenoid between the regulator and needle valve.  Simple, right?  Apparently
not.  The AB is foreign-made, which means that it has metric-sized fittings.
The Victor regulator uses 1/4" fittings.  I took my solenoid and went to BOC
gases.  When I made the comment that my solenoid was 'German made' (I was
guessing that it was anyway), the guy interrupted and said that 'we're in
trouble from the very start'.  He was very nice but he knew that getting
English and Metric to marry was out of his league.  He pointed me to two
places, I went to them.  One of them was Sloan Valve (you know, the toilet
valve people).  I went there and they were very interested in my problem and
wanted to help me.  They searched around but could find nothing.

So, I'm ready to ditch the thing and maybe go back to BOC and get a solenoid
that I can install in my regulator.  I guess if you want to use an Aqualine
solenoid you had better buy their regulator as well.

Maybe someone can recommend an American-made solenoid?

Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti
President, Allanti Cycling Club - http://www.allanti.com 
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