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Re: Water Hyacinth

I don't know about Water Hyacinth but I have _lots_ of Water Lettuce in a 
100 gallon tank with 2x175 watts of MH lights and no direct sunlight. 

The roots on the plants get extremely bushy and grow to about 12 inches 
in length. 

I think the plant works very well for sucking up excess nutrients.

I put Jobe in the substrate, use CO2 and don't dose the water column.


>>Date: Mon, 1 Feb 1999 23:18:30 +0000 (GMT)
>>From: Gerry Skau <gerry at ans_net>
>>>What is needed to grow water hyacinth in an aquarium? It's a 55g, 160w (1 
>>>40w, 1 chroma 50, and 2 GE plant bulbs). It's CO2 injected, but that
>>>matter. There are usually no fewer than 50 feeder guppies, plus the
>>>catfish..so enough waste is being produced. Any information would be
>>LOTS of light, I think. I don't think water hyacinth or watter lettuce
>>will grow without actual sunlight.