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Re: Tying Down Glossistigma & Riccia/hair algea

Hi there!

>at growing...URRGGGG.   I have been combing some of the hair algae out with
>a toothbrush, lowered fertilizer (especially iron) and reduced feeding
>(discuss tank).  Nitrates are below 20, phosphates and Iron seemed a bit
>high at when measuring last week using Seachems P, N and Fe test kits.
Ok.. can you tell us the exact measures of P and Fe?

> No
>other algae of any consequence thrives in this tank and has been wonderful
>as far as other plants go for about a year.  I have started changing 50% of
>the water every other day and will clean out the canister filter tonight.
well.... don't do TOO MANY things on your tank AT THE SAME TIME !!!
Otherwise you will alterate the delicate balance that has already
established in you tank!!!

>Should I through in P-remover?
WAITTTTTT !! Seat down and relax!!! and think !!! 1st of all let's know the
P level. Putting a P-remover might mean to remove the P that plants need too.

>What about --cringe-- bleaching Riccia,
>anyone have any experience doing this?
dont bleach Riccia, it won't survive !!! :(((( Hair string algae are not a
BIG show of algae, and that basically means your tank is working more or
less in the proper way, you probably just need a slight adjusting in some
parameter. Nothing more, nothing less.

do you have some _short_ green hair algae on the glasses too?

BTW: Mr. Amano choosed the easiest way.. putting a dozen of Discus in a
1800 liters tank !!!