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Re: Re: Rootbound Crypts

>> >"skinny" with not more than 4 leaves per plant, even though the cluster
>> >of plants is dense.
it sounds like your substrate fertilizer is over... what did you use - if
any - when you first set up the tank?

>Thank you Karen, you  said:
>> In my experience, when Crypts, in spite of a large root mass are not
>> putting out lots of good sized, good color leaves, there is a nutrient
>> deficiency involved.  In my tanks, it is almost invariably a sign of
>> nitrogen deficiency, BUT, I suspect that you would see a similar response
>> to a number of deficiencies.  I'd check the nitrate level in the 
I disagree. Crypts are plants that _prefer_ different form of nitrogen
other than nitrates. It seems that they are less able to reduce nitrate
than many other species (that could also explain why they loose leaves
sometimes), and beside that they have a very well developed root systems,
so I would go for a _light_ fertilization of the substrate, with some
tablets that contains nitrogen _also_ in NH3/NH4 form.

>added every week with a partial water change. Water is KH8 and evaporation
>is replaced with distilled water.
I would try to get a _much_ ofter water for sure !!!! I would go for a KH3
at least!! And same TH because you _need_ some calcium and magnesium.