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RE:Riccia and Gloss

Hi,Tom Brennan,
Don't bleach Riccia ! It will die like the algae! Riccia grows fast so
throw the infected parts out and start over with a piece that doesn't
look infected .The tank's overall health should be looked at so the
algae doesn't reappear. Try complete removal of the Riccia,then pick
carefully some "good"pieces.
I doubt that is P or Fe causing the algae. I had this issue a few years
ago.I increased my CO2 and it whent away .SAE's should eat it also.
Riccia is great for an Organic Visual CO2 test. When it's pearling good
there's enough CO2.Blue greens(Cyano's) like Riccia also.Do the same
procedure for it and if it keeps reappearing try Eyrthromycin to kill
it.Be careful to get  all of the blue/green before treatment around the
surface of the tank's edges.
     As far as the Glossostigma,be patient and give it light and CO2. It

will grow like the dickins if happy.It takes alittle bit of time to
start up for the roots to get going ,but once it does ,it will go go !
Your Cory's might be uprooting some so it might take longer.I had some
C.barbatus,sterbai and aldolfii with alot of Gloss and no problems.My
gold dojo's made it take longer in one tank
though.Patience..............No bleaching
    Tom Barr      AGA