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Cheap CO2 Regulator

John wrote:  "I have stumbled on a cheap regulator, and would like some
feedback regarding suitability.
Since a "aquarium" regulator can cost >$150, this little gem looks
promising.  Its a small
compressed air regulator sold at Lowe's for <$20.  It would need a
couple of fittings and maybe a needle valve to adapt to a CO2 cylinder,
but total cost should be <$30.  It is rated to about 200lbs.  Anyone
know the partial pressure of CO2 off the top of their heads?
Any "gotchas" to this idea?"
Pressurized CO2 runs between 900 - 1000 lbs. per square inch in the US.
I would think of using a 200 psi rated device for 1000 psi gas tank.
PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS! is my humble advice.  I think there are some
reasonably priced two meter CO2 regulators around.  Check with Dave

Better safe than sorry,  Steve Dixon