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Adjustment of Nupro Valves

Carl and Lisa wrote about having problems adjusting their Nupro S valve.
"Setup was a little more difficult this time.  Based on what we read, we
started by setting the regulator to 30#.  We then tried to use the Nupro
valve to adjust the bubble count.  Perhaps it was our expectations, but
we were not  able to get the "precise" control we thought we should

I remember having the same problem a couple of years ago when I first
set up my Nupro valve.  Erik Olson helped me out at the time and
hopefully will jump in if I get this wrong.  There is a set screw on the
Nupro (on the twist knob, I think) that is preset at the factory to stop
the valve before it completely shuts off the gas.  I think the idea is
that this protects the valve against damage from overtightening on shut
off, while leaving all but the hapless aquarist with enough control over
the flow rate.

To solve the problem loosen this set screw with a small hex wrench and
raise the twist knob a little bit higher on the valve stem to allow for
shut off of gas.  I don't think this will damage the valve at the
pressures we use in a CO2 setup.  (Remember that these valves are
designed for very high pressures.)  However, don't overtighten the valve
to shut off the gas.  the In any event I have been able to gain good
control over flow rates since making this adjustment on the valve stem
and the valve has worked perfectly since I installed it.  I think this
is Erik's experience as well.

Good luck.  I hope I'm remembering this correctly.  I look at my valve
this evening and report back if I've misstated the situation.  Regards,
Steve Dixon   San Francisco