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Tying Down Glossistigma & Riccia/hair algea

Hello everyone!

1) Last week I received some Glossistigma broke it up into 1-2" clumps and
inserted into my 1-3mm gravel hoping it would stay.  Well it seems my SAE,
Corys and quite possibly discus have been ploughing it up while searching
for food.  Any ideas on how to anchor it directly to the gravel without
having to use wood/stones.  I like the idea of using a hair-net but how do
you anchor the hair-net to the gravel?  I guess I could use lead plant ties,
make a "U" and push this into the gravel at the corners.  Any suggestions
are appreciated!

2) I have some Riccia fastened to driftwood using monofilament fishing line.
It grows great but has been infested with thin, green, filament,
non-attached hair algae (not read or beard algae). I have a feeling it may
have been attached when I got it.   It strikes me as odd that the hair algae
has only taken up residence on the Riccia??  It must know that the Riccia is
the plant I have the most interest at this point and desire to be successful
at growing...URRGGGG.   I have been combing some of the hair algae out with
a toothbrush, lowered fertilizer (especially iron) and reduced feeding
(discuss tank).  Nitrates are below 20, phosphates and Iron seemed a bit
high at when measuring last week using Seachems P, N and Fe test kits.  No
other algae of any consequence thrives in this tank and has been wonderful
as far as other plants go for about a year.  I have started changing 50% of
the water every other day and will clean out the canister filter tonight.
Should I through in P-remover?  What about --cringe-- bleaching Riccia,
anyone have any experience doing this?  Who is keeping Riccia in planted
discus tanks successfully.  Mr. Amono are you there?

Thanks in advance for your kind words and the list's help in the past!!

Tom Brennan
brennans at ix_netcom.com