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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #677

> >After reapeated requests my wife is getting her 60 gallon Hex tank for
> > <snip>
> Dennis, I got such a tank for cheap at a Goodwill store, but the Chief
> Aesthetic Officer said no.  But I did think about how to light it while I
> had it (about 12 hours).  I thought I would use a loaf pan for bread for a
> reflector and a 22" 96watt compact florescent tube.   I don't think that
> would cost much.   And it would give you a good idea if you were on the
> right track.

Gosh Dave, no WONDER you wife said NO! A LOAF pan???? I would have hit you
with the thing - Martha Stewart I'm not, but even so..... LOL. ;-)

James Purchase
Toronto, ontario