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Hex Tank Lighting

>Date: Sun, 29 Nov 1998 16:25:58 EST
>From: Dennis8425 at aol_com
>Subject: light ideas please
>After reapeated requests my wife is getting her 60 gallon Hex tank for
>Xmas.  I have already started working on the custom oak stand but am
>a little puzzled on how to properly light it.  The width of the tank is only 
>27 inches between long points and the longes bulbs I can see fitting in
>a hood would be a single 24", two 18" or about four 12" .  Any any of these
>combinations I cannot see getting enough total wattage to handle some
>plants.  The standard hood for this tanks only take a single 20 watt bulb
>again way to little.
>Has any one set up a 60 gallon hex tank for plants?  And what did you use 
>for lighting.?  Suggestions please.

This is a great place to use compact fluorescents. You can
stick on on each of the six sides of the hood.

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