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Re:Electronic Ballast

	A question was raised about running 2 30watt lamps with a ballast
intended for 2 32 watt lamps.  I assume that the 30 watt lamps are
'standard' 30 watt lamps of the t-12 or t-8 type, while the ballast is
meant to run 2 high efficiency t-8s.  I had an 'enlightening'email 
discussion with an Osram tech support guy some months back about just this
topic.  What he explained to me went against what I understood about how
ballasts work.  I had intended to post our email discussion here some
time ago, but life got in the way.  I'll have to go dig out the mail
tomorrow, if I get a chance, but the gist of it was that I thought it
wouldn't be a problem, and at worst you might over-drive your lamps a bit;
the tech support guy thought it would be a problem, for reasons I forget
now, and didn't make sense to me at the time.  So, let me ask too:  Why
couldn't  or could I run say four 3', 30watt Ultra Tri-lux lamps on an
electronic ballast meant to run four high-efficiency t-8 lamps?  The
electronic ballasts I use say they are designed to run lamps of the
following types: 4 4' 32watt
		 4 3' 25watt
		 4 2' 17watt

One of my lamps can run 5' 40watt lamps as well.  I've run 30watt
'standard' lamps on them before, but I don't know what negative things 
might have been happening to the lamps or their light output while i was
doing so.  I'm very curious what our resident experts have to say on this