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Call for pictures and other AGA announcements

To all AGA members:

1)I need a new picture for the 1999 covers of TAG. Slide format is
preferred (jpg is also good). I would like something that has nice contrast
so it can print as a duotone. If an article comes with it, I will also
print it in color in one TAG issue. Please submit before end of year.

2)Send Jack O'Leary your email addresses. He can append them to the
membership directory so we can do quick targetted mailings. If we are
lucky, we might even get a new membership directory. :-)

3)The Nov-Dec issue is at the printers. Hopefully it will get in mail
before the December avalanche hits the USPS. Articles include a Rating of
PAR for common fluorescent bulbs and Caring for Groups of Cryptocorynes.

Editor of "The Aquatic Gardener"
Journal of the Aquatic Gardeners Association