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RE:Electronic Ballast

>The information from the electronic
ballast indicates that it is meant for 2 x 32W tubes. Is this OK for 2
30W tubes?

Are the 30 Watt tubes T8 type? You'll know by the diameter. T8's are only 1"
while T12 (older type, more common until recently) are 1.5" diameter. As
long as the tubes are T8 you should be fine. Off the top of my head I think
30W tubes are 2' T12's. You might consider getting 2 20 watt T8's (also 2')
instead. I understand they give off the same amount of light. Actually if
you are using T12's when you should be using T8's you probably won't be
getting the light you should.

>Is it possible that my
connection is wrong yet the fixture works? Does electronic ballast need
starter? (mine starters are still in the fixture)

It's possible. Follow the schematic diagram on the ballast very carefully
and you should be fine. And no, electronic ballasts do not need a starter.

I found a lot of information about electronic ballasts at

hope this helps