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Flourite substrate

Greg Morin wrote:

>Over whatever substrate they had been using before. FWIW, at a recent trade 
>show I had a shop owner tell me that Flourite was so incredible it actually 
>made some plants she had dismissed as nearly dead come back and thrive. I 
>know that sounds like hype, and maybe she had some other factors come into 
>play there, but all I know is that is what she told me.

Again, Greg, I don't want you to think I'm picking on you, but do you have
any idea _what_ kind of susbtrates your product is being compared with?  If
it's plain gravel susbtrates, we know that almost anything is an
improvement.  Even kitty litter ;-)  I was wondering if you know how your
substrate compares with laterite or other commercial substrate additives.

Also, just from curiosity sake, and I know you can probably only speak for
Seachem, but do manufacturers do their own comparison tests between their
products as they are being developed and other known products?   If the
only comparisons are between nothing, and a particular product, you've got
a pretty good chance of getting a better response by adding much of

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association