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Re: Seachem Products

>> Does that mean that if you use Flourite, you don't need Flourish Iron?
>> (sorry, I couldn't resist<g>)
>Well, actually that's a good question, and what we tell people is "no" you
>don't need to use it. But... if your plants have a high capacity for foliar
>- -Greg Morin

Thanks for clearing this question up.  And thanks for sticking around on the
list, not everyone gives us a chance to grill them like this... ;)

As I've often stated on this list, I'm a big fan of the product, and I use
it in several planted tanks.

I'm the kind of hobbyist your marketing people drool over --

1)  I was looking for gravel, and that new stuff in the bin looked like it
would be attractive in my tank;
2)  It sounded convenient, with no mixing or layering, and no additional
fertilizers to buy;
3)  I've been more than satisfied with the results, so I have no reason to
experiment further.

The single biggest reason I prefer flourite is because when I pull up a
bunch of ambulia, there's no laterite puff.  Sure, the laterite dissipates
from the water column fairly quickly... but in the meantime, I can't see to
replant what I've pulled up, and it 'clouds' my enjoyment of the tank.
Adding sticks, pellets or liquids hasn't worked very well for me, but
perhaps I just haven't added the right amount, or frequently enough.

It's a rich enough substrate (that is, with fish poop) to maintain a heavily
planted, CO2-injected tank, it's simple to use, and it's attractive to look
at.  That's all I care about.

However, I have two questions myself --

1)  I was once told by a pet store employee that flourite contains
'low-level toxins, which wouldn't affect fish, but which amphibians absorb
more readily through their skin'.  Any truth to that?

2)  Along similar lines as the flourish iron question that was raised, are
flourish tabs supposed to be used in combination with a flourite gravel bed?
Are the tabs similar, in the sense that you don't 'need' them, but might
want to use them, to stimulate a plant that just needs that extra 'oomph'?
Or is it really designed to enrich a non-flourish gravel bed?

Alysoun McLaughlin