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Wiring Question

I want to put a fan into my hood but I don't know how to connect the power
supply to the fan.  I called an electronics surplus place and they said that I
can connect the two with some solder or by buying a connector.  Since I'm anal
and like things to look nice, I decided to go with the connector idea.  Does
anyone know which kind of connector I need to buy.  The fan I'm buying is the
NMB/IMC 1606KL Series 40 mm DC fan pictured on page 403 of Newark Electronics'
1998 catalogue.  The power supply I'm buying is the Stancor 12VDC 200 MA
universal plug in power source on page 567.  You can probably tell that I
don't know squat didly anything about electronics so please write your
responses rather matter of factly.  Also, it would help me a lot if you could
recommend a particular connector that would best suit my needs along with your
response.  Finally, please respond privately since I think this is sort of an
isolated query.  Thanks in advance.

Dan P