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Re: Nitrate shortage???

On Mon, 30 Nov 1998, Kelly Beard wrote:

> what kind of symptoms should I see if my tank becomes nitrate deficient?  I

Chlorosis in older leaves, followed by dropping leaves.  In less severe
cases the plants won't be very green, but you may not see chlorosis.

The only time I've diagnosed a nitrogen deficiency in my tanks, it was in
an unfertilized tank that was fishless for a couple months before the
symptoms appeared.  Other tanks have had no detectable nitrate in
the water without showing symptoms of nitrogen deficiency.

Remember that your plants obtain nitrogen as ammonia and nitrate from the
substrate as well as from the open water.  Zero nitrate in the open water
may not mean that your tank is nitrogen deficient and may not even mean
that growth is nitrogen limited.

Roger Miller