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Scientific test & Flourite

> your product)  I do challenge your assertion that EDTA iron sources are not
> capable of supplying the iron needs of aquatic plants.

Hmmm... I actually backed off from this assertion in a post a few days ago 
(I at least I thought I did ;-)

>>No I don't think they _have_ to do that in order to decide they like our
>>product... I just meant that from a _scientific_ standpoint that is going
>>to be the most objective way for one to decide which is "best" for them.
> I'm sure _you_ know that this wouldn't be a valid scientific test either...
>>From the minute the tanks are set up, they begin to diverge, and will never
> be "exactly" the same again.

Well of course I know that ;-) However, from a hobbyist standpoint that is 
probably about as "scientifically objective" as one is willing (or able) to 
get, but that certainly doesn't mean on an absolute scale it is the most 
objective... just a lot more objective than other methods a hobbyist might 
follow. Even in a highly controlled lab environment it is still going to be 
very hard to change only one variable...

> I don't want you to think we're attacking your product.  It might be a very
> good one.

Well we think so :-) No, I don't think anyone is attacking our product. As 
I said earlier I joined the list so I could help answer any questions or 
misconceptions about our products. Also, as a company policy we would never 
"attack" a competitor's product; when asked about a competitor's product in 
relation to one of ours we try to describe the advantages and disadvantages 
of both products based on our current scientific understanding of the 
underlying mechanisms of the products in question. If we don't have our 
facts straight, we welcome the opportunity for those that do to present us 
with the scientific evidence that will change our understanding (as our 
little EDTA-Iron debate has done here.) I know I've learned a few things 
about plants and hopefully others have learned a few things as well...

>>Flourite is a gravel bed substrate itself that is sufficiently rich in iron
>>that it does not require supplementation.
> Does that mean that if you use Flourite, you don't need Flourish Iron? ;-)
> (sorry, I couldn't resist<g>)

Well, actually that's a good question, and what we tell people is "no" you 
don't need to use it. But... if your plants have a high capacity for foliar 
iron uptake then you should expect to see enhanced results with the use of 
Flourish Iron as well.

>>Based on our experience and the
>>reports we have received from customers the material brings on a noticeable
>>improvement in plant growth/response.
> A noticeable improvement in plant growth/response over what?

Over whatever substrate they had been using before. FWIW, at a recent trade 
show I had a shop owner tell me that Flourite was so incredible it actually 
made some plants she had dismissed as nearly dead come back and thrive. I 
know that sounds like hype, and maybe she had some other factors come into 
play there, but all I know is that is what she told me.

-Greg Morin
Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM