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RE: Substrate iron

 Bob Dixon was wondering about Amano's Power Sand. Even though it is not
sand ADA like to call it that. Like Bob said it is mostly made up of peat
and pumice, heavy on the pumice. They are other ingredients in the Power
Sand, but ADA does not list what ingredients they are. The peat that is in
the Power Sand is more of a clumpy type of peat. Not the loose natural type
as Bob calls it.
 I have used Power Sand in four different tanks. Just like all the ADA soils
it will lower the pH and TH. I have not used it by it self with just
gravel/sand on top. I have always used it in conjunction with the Aqua Soil
on top. In the early years before Amano had Aqua Soil he used a thin layer
of Power Sand below Oiso sand. He obviously had good results with this
method, but it was not perfect in his eyes. I have always wanted to do it
like this, but never have. I am unsure of the iron content of Aqua Soil or
Power Sand, but I can tell you that it must be enough to last for years.
Since I am talking about substrate I must tell you all about this killer
deal I found on substrate plant sticks. For 410 yen ($3.40)I got about 50
one inch micronutrient aquatic plant sticks. How much is it for the Jobe
Plant Tabs? This is from the company Jaqno. They also make filters, plant
substrates, filter media, and things alike. This is the first thing from
Jaqno that I have used. I will let you all know how it goes. Compared to the
ADA tabs and the Jaqno tabs I have to say Jaqno tabs dissolve faster, and
they are much, much more cheaper then the ADA Multi Bottom.
Ryan Stover