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Electronic Ballast

Hi, I have recently installed an Osram electronic ballast for 2 30W
florescent light. The heat emission from the ballast is much cooler now.
I have a few questions :

(1)The heat from the light tube seems to be as hot as when a normal
ballast is used. Is that normal ? The information from the electronic
ballast indicates that it is meant for 2 x 32W tubes. Is this OK for 2
30W tubes?

(2)I know that some low quality electronic ballasts spoil easily.  What
should we look out for when buying electronic ballasts ?  

(3)Electronic ballasts are known to be energy saving, how do we know how
much energy the different brand of electronic ballasts save?

(4)In my case I have actually replace a 2 normal ballasts with 1
electronic ballast. I do not know if I have connected it correctly, but
it has been working fine for a month now. Is it possible that my
connection is wrong yet the fixture works? Does electronic ballast need
starter? (mine starters are still in the fixture) .

Chee Pang