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Re: DIY Power Compacts expensive?? Not!

>If you select the right ballasts, you can use whatever compact fluorescent
>lamps are available to you.  I have a 40W 22.5" on my 20 gallon tank, using a
>"high light output" ballast intended for T8 lamps.  It produces a tremendous
>amount of light and it was cheap.  But I cannot find 5000K or 6500K lamps for
>it.  I'm using a 4100K lamp right now, and the color is good, but just
>slightly yellower than I would like.
Hi fellas,
I've just rigged up a DIY Power Compact setup and let me tell you it's cheap
for the light I'm getting! Granted that I live in Singapore and the prices
here are in Singapore Dollars, but really, with a large market like the US,
prices should be even cheaper! So here's the setup:

2 x Osram Dulux D, 1,700 lumens 6,000 K lights (now that's very, very
26Watts with rated output of 150W (!) Or so the box says so anyway :-)
Lights cost: S$10 x 2. 
That means for $20 I get 300 Watts of lighting! Heheh, or if you choose to
disbelieve the manufacturers specs, at least 52 watts, which is good enough
for my 2 1 foot cube tanks. 
Reflector sheets can be had for under $16 and the rest is all DIY. 

Now these lights are plenty, plenty bright. And for the 10,000 hours of lamp
life, I think its money really well spent. You have to be careful though, as
you must ensure the right colout temp or you'll get the "yellow" lights that
everyone is talking about. If I;m not wrong each manufacturer has their own
code number for light temp, so make sure to ask the lighting supplier. 

Mark Pan