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Nitrate shortage???

My 75 gallon is doing well.  Brush algae is not growing anymore, but some
blue/green is growing on what is left.  I've done weekly nitrate  and
phosphate tests on this tank.  Phosphates read as nothing (pure yellow from
my Seachem kit), and nitrates are less than .25ppm (according to LaMotte.  I
know this kit works because my 26 gallon always seems to be through the
roof.).  Last night it seems that they were zero.  Couldn't even see a hint
of pink in the tube.  I'll try again, but the question I'm getting at is
what kind of symptoms should I see if my tank becomes nitrate deficient?  I
have some KN03, perhaps some tips on dosing the stuff?  A target ppm to
shoot for?  Maybe it's the Cabomba that's robbing the stuff (fastest growing
plant so far).

Kelly Beard, Cat IV, Team Allanti
President, Allanti Cycling Club - http://www.allanti.com 
I/T, IBM Global Services