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Re:Propagating Apon. Ulvaceus

> << Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 22:34:04 -0500
>  From: Shawn Keslar <keslar at wvunrcce_nrcce.wvu.edu>
>  Subject: Propagating Apon. Ulvaceus
>  Does anyone out there have any good ways to propagate Aponogeton
>  Ulvaceus? There wasn't much in the archive... >>
> I would also appreciate some help on this one. I have been growing an
> ulvaceous bulb for some time,
> the new leaves come out grow for about 2 inches(they are green), they then
> stop growing and turn brown.
> Ph is about neutral, light is a 24" fluorescent grow bulb, Apon is in a pot.
> Temperature which I think maybe to high is 78-80F.
> Regards,
> John van Rompu

The aponogetons that I have are growing well in the discus tanks; soft,
acidic water and Dupla products.  Try keeping the bulb above the
gravel.  The plant will send down roots and pull the bulb down, when
this happens just lift the plant up until the bulb is again exposed.  I
once placed a bulb in a corner behind a piece of drift wood and it did
as you described.  When ever I have an aponogeton looking this way,
exposing the bulb or moving it out into the tank seems to work.  Maybe
the bulbs prefer some circulation around them.  In some of the pictures
I've seen of Aponogetons in their natural habitat, the water is moving
quite a bit. Then again on the other hand the aponogetons without tubers
such as A. rigidifolius and it's similar hybrids grow well, deeply
rooted in the gravel.

Ed Hengel