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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #667

I think everyone is overstating and misunderstanding the case for or against
zebra mussels. First, zebra mussels are filterfeeders, aquariums are not good
habitats for filterfeeders. It is highly unlikely that zebra mussels would do
anything in an aquarium but starve like most other clams. Unless you have a
really brightly lit huge aquarium with no filter, clams seldom live more
longer than it takes them to starve to death. zebra mussels would be no more
likely to "take over" an aquarium than any other clam. Also since zebra clams
are stationary they would not bother the roots of plants. I have found a
species of clam that does well in non filtered plant tanks, the water has to
stay a slightly hazy green, not hard with enough light, it crawls around in
the sand and does do much of anything but leave little trails. My guess is
fast growing clams like the zebra would starve faster than most clams due to
their rapid growth. Saying all that, it would still be a mistake to spread the
zebra mussel to any body of water they don't already exit in.

                                                        Michael Hissom
(moontanman at aol_com)