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Ye Olde Mycobacteria Myth

Alysoun wrote:

>Just a quick off-topic note for anyone who had been following the "I
>think I might have mycobacteria, the canopy is falling, the canopy is
>falling" thread -- 
>Merrill Cohen recommended a combined treatment of clout and therapy
>based on my description of the symptoms, and has indicated that (pending
>some observation) I should soon be able to pronounce the tank 'cured'.
>Which obviates my need to find the 'ultimate' plant dip.

Alysoun, I know you know this, since we've talked about it off list.  But I
want to make sure that novices who read this understand that if it really
were a Mycobacterium that you were dealing with in your tank, Clout would
_NOT_ cure it.  At this point, to my knowledge, the only effective way of
dealing with Mycobacteria is to destroy the infected fish.

That said, I'm glad that you _don't_ have Micobacteria in your tank, and
that you've found an effective cure!

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association