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kati, ani

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Dato: 29. november 1998 10:09
Emne: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #674

>Aquatic Plants Digest    Sunday, November 29 1998    Volume 03 : Number 674
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> Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #673
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> Re: RO/Ion Exchange
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>Subject: Re: RO/Ion Exchange
>Peter writes:
>> Pet warehouse recommended to use a KATI and ANI ion exchange unit, which
>>  costs almost the same and RO/DI, does not waste water, and can be
>>  recharged.  I'm told it produces even purer water than RO/DI.  Does
>>  anyone have any experience with this method, and can offer advice as to
>>  which is preferable?
The names KATI and ANI makes me believe that they are from the German compagny Aqua Technic. They make a strong acid kation exchanger with the name KATI and a weak anion exchanger called ANI. The KATI exchanges kations in the water for hydrogen ions. The ANI exchanges the anions for OH-.
RO versus kati/ani is a matter of what you feel. Both can deliver water with less
ions than youŽll ever need. It is a mess though, to regenerate the ion exchangers. So unless you have a little chemical knowledge and are prepared to work with HCL and NaOH, go for the RO, or maybe even better, collect rainwater ( if your environtment allows).
Cheers, Ole
oletand at get2net_dk