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Re: RO/Ion Exchange

Peter writes:

> Pet warehouse recommended to use a KATI and ANI ion exchange unit, which
>  costs almost the same and RO/DI, does not waste water, and can be
>  recharged.  I'm told it produces even purer water than RO/DI.  Does
>  anyone have any experience with this method, and can offer advice as to
>  which is preferable?

The KATI and ANI unit is a 2-stage variation on DI.  The KATI exchanges
cations of calcium, magnesium, etc. for something else, possibly either Na or
K.  By the trade name I would assume Potassium (chem. symbol K).  The ANI unit
then pulls out anions, like chloride and carbonate.  I suspect if forces the
positive ions to precipitate, but I'm not an expert.  Is it better than RO?
That's a coin toss.  It is certainly better than some DI units on the market,
but others may be better.

Bob Dixon