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Algae and RO/Ion Exchange

I have a thriving 125g tank with Swords, Cypto'd, hygro etc. that is
growing very well.  I use CO2 injection, 2.2 watts per gallon a light
fish load etc.fertilized with Horizon Growers Aquatic Plant Food.   My
tap water is very hard, and alkaline.  I have a terrible problem with
algae - mainly (short) hair algae I guess which smothers the Swords and
crypts and is very difficult to remove.  My LFS tells me that RO/DI
treatment is a pre-requisite here (Orange County / LA area) for a plant

Pet warehouse recommended to use a KATI and ANI ion exchange unit, which
costs almost the same and RO/DI, does not waste water, and can be
recharged.  I'm told it produces even purer water than RO/DI.  Does
anyone have any experience with this method, and can offer advice as to
which is preferable?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.