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Re: Zebra Mussels...

Curt wrote:
>I'd like to add *something* other than more fish to my setup to make it
more >interesting, ...

If by interesting you mean interesting to others looking at your tank,
mussels and clams don't do much :-).  You rarely see them so unless you're
willing to dig through the substrate to pull them out whenever you have
guests, they won't add much interest.

If you want to get into invertebrates, the shrimp that are frequently
discussed here are very interesting critters, as are crayfish (crawdads,
whatever, depending upon where you are from) though the latter can be pretty
efficient bulldozers and should only be kept with large fish.  Some of the
large snails are relatively safe for a planted tank, and are, at least, more
interesting than mussels :-).

Aquatic frogs are amusing, with the albino's looking like plucked raw
chickens, IMO.

If none of this interests you, and you have a few pounds of extra gold
laying around, you can always get into saltwater mini-reefs :-).