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Re: bubbling plants

Jason writes:

<< Just thought I'd share a good experience.  I set up a five gal planted
> tank in my room with a pair of apistos and a bristlenose pleco.  I only
> use diffused sunlight for the tank and use yeast CO2, and the bottom
> inch of gravel is mixed with potting soil.  When the sun is out, the
> plants bubble as if I were pumping air into them.  I do a one gal change
> every other day and use a small owerhead to circulated the water.
>   Looks good so far, the plants seem to like it. >>

Well done, but just a word of warning.  At some point your pleco will outgrow
the tank.  Either make arrangements now with your LFS to swap him in the
future, or have a bigger tank ready.

Bob Dixon