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It is with great interest I have followed the discussion on the different ways to
add the required iron to the plants-aquarium.
Being reluctant to make my hobby into a laboratory-discipline, I wonder if not using just ironsulfate would suffice PERFECTLY for keeping and growing any aquatic plant.
Assuming a well established tank, healthy plants and fish, proper water-values
(pH,hardness,temp,watermovement) and suitable filtration, gravel and lightning.
And knowing that in a gravel are processes (bacterial and from plants roots) that fascilitates the uptake of the nutrients needed by the plants.
Also knowing that the ironsulfate might not be readily available for the plants, it will be in a while ?? And it might even preticipate and make a depot from which the plants can take "what is need" if one forgets to add iron in a week or two.
Since this method works fine for me and for several of my friends on floating plant like Najas guadalupensis, 
Riccia and Ceratopteris cornuta too, one might even think, that, some way or another, usefull iron is available not only in the gravel, but in the water too. Admitted, Najas grows a little faster (1-2 cm. a day) if inserted (with a tweezer) in the gravel, but....

Looking forward to the usual well qualifyed comments,
Cheers, Ole
oletand at get2net_dk