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Strange Observation

Hello All,
	I just noticed something that seemed a little odd to me. I measured my tap
water's KH to be 17 whopping degrees yet the pH is a perfect 7.0! Could
there be phosphates or something in there messing with the pH? (I don't have
a test kit)
	Another side point, I recently switched from DIY CO2 (yeast) to a 5# tank
(with needle valve). Before the switch I measured about 7.6 pH in the
Aquarium with a kH of 10. Using the chart I figured 7.2 pH would be a good
target so that's where it is now. (KH still 10)
	Can anyone make any sense out of these measurements? I'm not sure if my tap
water is always 7.0 as this was the first time I even tested it since I
moved here. I figured it was about 7.4 or 7.6 (that's what it was where I
used to live about 15 miles away) but I guess not. My most important concern
though is that I don't overdose on CO2. Anyone see a problem with what I'm
doing? All comments are appreciated! :)

P.S. So far it's been a week with the new CO2 setup and all the fish appear
to be fine. Am I just worrying needlessly?