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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #654

At 03:48 AM 11/19/98 -0500, you wrote:
Subject: Tex-Blast in Bay Area?

Anyone know of a source for 1-2 mm Tex-Blast (or something similar) in 
the San Francisco bay area and/or east bay?>

I've used a product which is used in drinking-water well installation.  It
is "filter-pack" sand and is almost pure silica sand of nice roundness.
The sizes are available as "screen sizes" which specify the sand which
passed a certain screen size and was held on the next (eg. 10-20 Colorado
Silica sand would be held on a 20 wire-per-inch screen but would contain
only particles which passed a 10 wire-per-inch screen).  I use 8-12 when I
install wells (depending on the aquifer materials).  You can get the stuff
from Well Drilling Supply or Drillers Supply type establishments.   I find
the cost per (for an admittedly large, 100-pound) bag to be pleasantly low
($10ish) compared to LFS prices.  You can use the extra in your garden to
increase permeability or to top-off containers with attractive light
colored sand.   I use it to keep the silt out of my outdoor pond when I
repot my hardy waterlillies in the spring.  This material is largely inert
leaving you free to add what you want to obtain your desired result.   Hope
that helps.

C. Black - Hydrogeologist, Seattle