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Tissue culture of aquatic plants


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>Subject: Tissue culture of aquatic plants
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>Tissue culture of aquatic plants can be done at home without the expensive
>laminar flow hood or autoclave.  Several people on the Home Tissue Culture
>List are doing it.  I sell a kit for home tissue culture that will advise
>you on how to do it, but you can also check out several websites that will
>give you good information.  Go to my resource page:
>Contamination is a big problem and some of it can be overcome using a
>biocide in your medium.  See the short article regarding aquatics and PPM
>Free samples of PPM are available.  Send me your shipping address and I'll
>have a 30 ml sample sent to you.  And if anyone has a aquatic plant tissue
>culture page developed, please let me know and I will link it to my tissue
>culture resource page.  Thanks.........carol
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