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Product comparisons

James Purchase wrote:

>Would anyone like to comment on HOW (or even IF) different
>product lines can be compared in a manner which would meet the requirements
>of "science" while at the same time be understandable and useful to us as

I'm not sure that such comparisons really prove anything "scientifically",
since there are so many variables involved.  OTOH, as you have mentioned,
we certainly can make comparisons based on personal experience.  I think we
do it all the time, and vote with our purchases. (no pun intended<g>) 

The only thing that concerns me about presenting the results of such a
"study" is that our water sources vary so greatly, as do stocking levels,
feeding regimes, growth rates, types of plants used, etc.  I can do such a
"test" and decide what works best for me.  I'm not sure it would have any
validity to say that since product "A" produced clearly superior results
under my conditions, that it would also be the preferred product line to be
used by a friend of mine even 25 miles away with soft, iron rich well
water, or the person even 5 miles in another direction who's town adds
phosphate to the tap water.

I still think the best approach is to keep the pressure on these companies
to provide complete labeling of their products.  That's one of the main
reasons that I prefer Tropica Mastergrow.  I know what's in it, and in what
quantities.  With that information, and a water analysis from our town, we
can at least have a shot at making sure that all nutritional bases will be

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association