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Re: Methodology of Fertilization

We at Plantguild agree  with comments  by James Purchase on the relative
value of of comparative testing of varying commercial available 
fertilizing additives (Dupla, etc.).  The real key to appropriate
fertilization is understanding the specific needs of the plants in your
own tank.  It also makes great sense to be able to apply those
fertilizers in ways that mimic the natural "patterns of absorbtion"
through which the plants would "take-up" those fertilizers in nature.  
If a plant in its natural "environs" absorbs a nutrient through its
roots then it should be feed  that nutrient in the aquaria in the same
way, even though it may be possible for the plant to absorb the same
nutrient via high and un-natural concentrations in the water table.   In
nature comparably few nutrients are found in the "free water".  Even
those that can be absorbed via the leaves from the water table, are more
often actually provided via the root system in nature.  If substrate
feeding is done properly, in most cases the results will be better, and
the water column will not be full of nutrients for algal blooms.   Bill
Terburg, Plantguild