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Re: tannins

Matt writes:

<< I just set up a new tank(38g.) for my sirens. For you
> herpetologists (siren lacertina). They love plants and wood. I put to very
> large chunks of drift wood in the water then planted heavily with different
> vals. The water is a dark brown from the tannins released by the wood. I
> don't really want to remove the wood so I'm looking for alternative
> solutions to the problem.
>         It's not truley a problem, but I'm afraid the tannins are blocking
> light, that the vals would like to have. Plus everybody likes crystal clear
> water. any suggestions ? >>

How about a box filter full of carbon?  It will reduce the brown by a bunch,
but you will need to monitor iron and other nutrient levels, as it will also
adsorb a certain amount of these.

Bob Dixon