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Re: Invasive non-natives

Karen answers me:

<snip>< We've gone around about this before on this list, and believe me, no
> gets more excited about non-native introductions than I do.  I strongly
> support reasonable, effective legislation (and much more importantly,
> education!!!) in this area.  But sometimes the laws that are put in place
> are eyewash.  They do nothing to solve the problem and many are
> unenforceable.  They just look good on a legislator's resume.<snip>>

And I agree whole-heartedly.  Unfortunately, our politicians are rarely
botanists, geologists, or anything even vaguely scientific.  But they must
handle scientific issues to the best of their abilities.  And most political
scientists and lawyers (okay, yes, I am sure there are a few such on this
list- this is not a slam, I like most lawyers I have had the priviledge to
become personally acquainted with.  I said "most") are not as interested in
scientific fields as a good statesman today needs to be.  It becomes our job,
as informed constituents, to provide them with the information necessary to
make sound choices and good legislative decisions.

If some of us could take the time to bring this issue up to our respective
representatives, perhaps it would make it easier for Tropica to achieve this
worthwhile objective.