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RE: Invasive non-natives

Another thing that I have recently came in contact with (regarding bog
plants) is the mountain pitcher plant, S. oreophila.  As of now it is
illegal to ship to someone out of state unless strict goverment approval
is required.  The reason??  They are very endangered in the native
habatit (alabama, georgia and s. carolina)  However you can sell them to
anyone in person (as long as they are not collected from the wild)  This
law is in place cause like the venus flytrap, alot of people harvest
them from the wild and threaten there survival in the wild.

However sterile enviroments that are observed and known to be clean
shouldn't be restricted (i.e. if they can prove it was sterile and in
good health)  Surely this would put a serious thorn in the wild
harvesters trade.

As for the zebra mussels, I do hope you read my reply and I think that
everyone knows the answer to that one as well :)


>> Let's face it.  Are hydroponically grown plants from Tropica, or the
>> member who wants to put Zebra Mussels in their aquarium a greater
threat to
>> our environment?  I think you know the answer.
>> Karen Randall
>> Aquatic Gardeners Association