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planted discus tank and proper planted tank?

Hi all,
Thanks for the advice so far.
My main goal is to set up a new planted tank 48x18x18 60 gallons. I have
four, 4 foot tubes over the tank, 2 grow lux and 2 power glows. I am going
to use seachem flourish and duplarit in the substrate make sense, any

The only relatively cheap gravel hear is large grain 6mm river gravel round
looks nicce but is too big.
Also there is white quartz gravel which is finer but it is not rounded
rather sharp and gritty is this ok? What about a mix of the 2? and ill add
some rip off black to make it a nice brown black white mix.

I am planning on purchasing a 570 litre per hour pick up Eheim internal
filter, Is this sufficient for a 220 litre tank i guess so. Also i have a
small 200 lhr internal filter which i may use.

I am considering a 30 watt uncontrolled dupla heating coil and just leaving
it on all the time is this a good idea? This sells for 125 Australia for
the coils plus the dc addapter.

Also I have a 48x24x24 discus tank, Could i pot some plants and put them on
the bare floor under a what wattage metal halide? Any ideas please?

Thanks for any answers in advance.

ps. If you have any nice plant tank pictures of your tanks please send me
them :)

Daniel Green

bevgreen at cygnus_uwa.net.au