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No Subject

Greg Morin wrote:

>So you're suggesting that based on what I've stated that Flourish Iron 
>could possibly supply _too_ much iron?  ;-)

Well, if it supplies iron at all, it can certainly supply too much.  I
never questioned the ability of your product to supply iron to the plants.
(as I said before, I'm no chemist, and I have no personal experience with
your product)  I do challenge your assertion that EDTA iron sources are not
capable of supplying the iron needs of aquatic plants.  I may not be a
chemist, but I have a fair amount of practical experience with aquarium

>No I don't think they _have_ to do that in order to decide they like our 
>product... I just meant that from a _scientific_ standpoint that is going 
>to be the most objective way for one to decide which is "best" for them. 

I'm sure _you_ know that this wouldn't be a valid scientific test either...
From the minute the tanks are set up, they begin to diverge, and will never
be "exactly" the same again.  

Another thought occured to me as well.  I suspect most of us use a
substrate that supplies more iron (and possibly other nutrients) than your
Fluorite substrate.  I think it is important to look at a whole family of
products to see how the manufacturer has chosen to meet the needs of the
plants.  Not all companies decide to deliver the same nutrients in the same

For instance, with Dupla products, if you use just their Duplaplant drops
and tablets, but not Duplagan, you will not be supplying adequate levels of
magnesium, since in their system, that substance is in the Duplagan.  Does
this make their system inadeqaute?  I don't think so.  You just need to
either use ALL the products in the line, or at least know what you're
leaving out so that you can supply by other means.

I don't want you to think we're attacking your product.  It might be a very
good one.  I think we are just having trouble with the idea that we've all
been doing it "wrong" for all these years.<g> (Shhh... don't tell my
plants... they don't know they've been deprived ;-)

On Flourite, Greg wrote:

>Flourite is a gravel bed substrate itself that is sufficiently rich in iron 
>that it does not require supplementation. 

Does that mean that if you use Flourite, you don't need Flourish Iron? ;-) 
(sorry, I couldn't resist<g>)

>Based on our experience and the 
>reports we have received from customers the material brings on a noticeable 
>improvement in plant growth/response.

A noticeable improvement in plant growth/response over what?

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association