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Ammania gracilus/senagalensis

I've had supposedly both for some time and I'll try to explain the
differences. They both have very similar growing requirments. AG is
about 1/3 larger in respect to stem of the plant .Color is the same and
is redder with Triton's FL's bulbs/MV's . They don't mind current in the
water .The leaf width is about the same but typically AS has narrower
leaves .The main difference seems to be leaf lenght .AS seems to be @
5-6cm max and AG seems to be @ 8-12cm max (!). They love 3watts/gal and
up , with more being better even up to 10watts/gal. They shouldn't be to
crowded in the tank. I haven't flowered them as of yet but I guess I
ought to , to put to rest the sp. differences. I spoke to Neil Frank
awhile ago about it but we really didn't know . I've been finding they
don't like competition with A reineckii/Red Tiger lotus of which I'm not
certain "who" is the problem is or both.This was in a small (20gal) tank
.In a larger tank they don't have any problems (90gal) togather.
       They both grow fast but AG seems to grow faster and is alittle
easier to propagate. My KH is 85-90ppm /5.5 KH and a Ph of 6.5-6.9) . I
dose FE EDTA also and do 1/3-2/3 weekly water changes. 2-3mm gravel etc
etc .
They are great indicator for tank health , as the leaves will distort
from a usually very symmetric growth pattern when conditions sour .They
will "bounce" back as conditions improve but there is a distorted part
of the plant left. Depending on your growth rate and cutting size ,
they'll indicate 2weeks to 3-4 months of tank health based on this
distortion (like growth rings of a tree). Great plant and very usful and
dramatic !
Tom Barr