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Re: Flourite v. Profile

> Greg Morin, can you say something about the advantages of Flourite over
> Profile (calcined clay from the makers of Turface, a baseball park
> conditioner)?

We don't have any direct experience with Profile so I really can't comment 
on the aspects you are probably most interested in. All I can really give 
you is second hand information that may or may not be totally accurate... 
you would have to verify with the manufacturer. What I have heard is that 
the material Profile is made from has also been used as kitty litter and is 
a manufactured material (i.e. not mined from a natural source). Whether 
this is good or bad within the context of using it in a planted aquarium is 
certainly open to discussion...

Since we don't have any real experience with Profile I can't really 
classify the following as advantages of Flourite over Profile, only as some 
of the important features of Flourite.
Flourite is a naturally mined porous fracted clay substrate that is rich in 
iron (mainly ferric). It obviates the need for laterite without really 
competing against laterite; laterite is a gravel bed supplement, whereas 
Flourite is a gravel bed substrate itself that is sufficiently rich in iron 
that it does not require supplementation. Based on our experience and the 
reports we have received from customers the material brings on a noticeable 
improvement in plant growth/response.

-Greg Morin
Gregory Morin, Ph.D.  ~Research Director~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Seachem Laboratories, Inc.      www.seachem.com     888-SEACHEM